Three Simple Things You can Do to Help the New Zealand Tree Project


The New Zealand Tree Project has a very long distance to go before we realise our dreams.

Post Production, pitching our content to galleries and museums and the production of these displays costs money. Your contribution of any amount will help our team continue their essential work.

Donate Now


Spread the word, it has never been easier to help us. Just by sharing a link, liking a post or posting to your wall you are helping.

Our Facebook page is gaining momentum and is the place to get some behind the scenes action. We regularly post updates that let everyone know we care and are still working hard.


Is your bestie a journalist, does you Uncle work in TV? Talking to your friends and family about us can do wonderful things.

The New Zealand Tree Project is always looking for media opportunities to spread awareness of the forest and the canopy. Your personal connections can help us find new audiences.