The New Zealand Tree Project is an innovative film and photography project that shares imagery of majestic trees and native forests from viewpoints that are rarely experienced.

The goals of this nonprofit project are to share the wonder of our natural world and ignite interest and action in nature conservation.

We have used cutting-edge techniques to create unique images and footage of New Zealand forest that are presented as a spectacular Rimu Portrait, a captivating documentary and a gallery of striking images.



The centre piece of the NZ Tree Project is a portrait of a majestic rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum), created by stitching together over 60 photos that were taken over a period of 4 weeks in Pureora Forest. We used a specialised camera rig that ran the entire 40m height of the tree. The end result is a never-seen-before, extraordinarily high quality, high resolution image from a level view point without distortion:


Fancy owning a copy of the Rimu Portrait?
Visit our store to see a range of options that will not only enhance your wall space but also support the non-profit education and awareness goals of the New Zealand Tree Project.



While working on the Rimu Portrait in Pureora Forest, our team were inspired and moved by the stories that were shared with us. Not many people know about the incredible and dramatic events that have taken place in Pureora so we decided to make a short documentary to capture the amazing natural and human history of this area.

"On the Shoulders of Giants" shares the raw perspectives of loggers, iwi, scientists and conservationists as it journeys through the Pureora story of forest discovery, degradation and then protection before finishing on a high from the tree tops with never-seen-before footage from New Zealand’s forest canopy.

The goal of this documentary is to share some of the wonder we experienced in Pureora Forest in hopes that more people will visit and protect our unique natural areas. We hope you enjoy!