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The New Zealand Tree Project is proud to be supported by
amazing people and organisations. 

their support has been crucial in getting this project off the ground. 

Special thanks to Ngati Rereahu for believing in the project and helping to make it happen. 



Our thanks to everyone who has supported this project to date, especially those who have donated funds or equipment. Special thanks to these generous people: Belinda Noordijk, Don Sanger, Robin Sekerak, Jacqui van den Berg, Paul Rea, Carol Sanger, Melissa Palviainen, Tanya Bailey, Yoav Bar-Ness, D.J. Rowe, Graham Mackie, Angela Bryan, Rob Waddell, Chloe Lucas, Indra Boss, Jack Mitchell, Angie Reeve.


If you are interested in supporting the New Zealand Tree Project with our education and awareness efforts please get in touch:


Special thanks to our incredible sponsors:

Greenstone Sponsors

We select our product carefully and utilize locally owned and operated manufacturers whenever possible, we support the New Zealand Made campaign and do everything possible to ensure continuity and consistency of supply for our goods so you don’t end up with a mis-matched home, we release new ranges of frames that are more “fashionable” and suit the ever changing design of modern homes with a plan in place to ensure continuity of supply for years to come. We also support the use of sustainable and renewable resources.

Syrp brings the best of the design and film industry together to develop products that unleash the creativity of film makers. Syrp was formed with the goal of providing exceptional film equipment to independent film makers at prices the can afford. We design film gear that bridges the gap between creativity and technology giving film makers the tools they need to get the shots they want without having to be a technical expert.

The team at the New Zealand Tree Project would simply not be able to produce our documentary without the generous help of SYRP.  SYRP is donating a Genie which is a timelapse and motion control device designed like no other. It will allow us to create epic motion controlled timelapse sequences on the ground as well as high in the canopy. As well as a Magic Carpet camera slider to again allow us to capture butter smooth video in difficult contorted locations.

This University is committed to delivering a world-class education and research portfolio, providing a full and dynamic university experience, distinctive in character, and pursuing strong international links to advance knowledge. The University highly values science education and communication and therefore supports the goals of the New Zealand Tree Project.


Wintec is one of New Zealand's largest and leading Institutes of Technology/Polytechnics (ITPs). They have been providing the skills and knowledge to build a stronger community for over 90 years and have created thousands of careers. With six campuses strategically located throughout the region, they are a leading provider of high quality, vocational and professional education in the Waikato region.

Gold Sponsors

CBL Insurance offer a wide range of credit insurance, reinsurance and financial surety related products through an international distribution network that we have developed over a number of years. With clients in New Zealand and around the world, they have the ability to tailor products to individual clients, taking into account the regulatory environments in which they operate.

The Department of Conservation has made the NZ Tree Project possible through on-the-ground support and advice. Its knowledgeable staff not only protect special species all over the country, they also support initiatives like ours that share the importance of New Zealands spectacular natural heritage. Our special thanks to the Waikato-based staff for their advice and in-kind funding.

Flight works is an ecological consultancy which specialises in the use of remotely controlled aerial drones (UAV). This revolutionary tool allows for the collection of high resolution and geo-referenced aerial images. The aircraft are nimble and provide safe access to difficult sites with the ability to carry a variety of payloads. They are currently developing the precise delivery of spray or pellets to a target area by a drone.


Levin Sawmakers Ltd specialise in the supply of arborist products including ropes, harnesses, carabiners, pulleys, climbing irons, rigging systems, tree bracing system, stump cutters and brush chippers. They also supply forestry pruning and planting products  as well as Logging products.


Nga Manu Nature Reserve offers a unique opportunity to have a hands on experience related to the natural history of New Zealand. The Reserve helps to promote an understanding of the ecosystems by using examples of plants and animals that can be observed within the different habitats that make up the Reserves ecosystems.


Waikato Tree Trust is a non-profit organisation that helps promote the preservation of trees within the Waikato region.

Tui 2000 aims to help facilitate the return of native birds and their habitat of native plants to Hamilton and the Central Waikato region. This exciting non-profit organisation helps achieve this goal through promoting the planting of important native plants and the ecological restoration of important ecosystems.

Silver Sponsors

In 1997 Dr. John Gathright, founded Tree Climbing Japan (TCJ). Japan's first tree climbing school, with the mission of helping people to climb trees for rehabilitation, research, environmental education and recreation. TCJ later established the (Japan)  ARBORIST TRAINING INSTITUTE (ATI) to pioneer arborist training, certification and tree care. ATI is also  active in supporting and leading forest rejuvenation projects locally and internationally.


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