Steven Pearce
Director of Photography

Steven is a renowned, award-winning photographer who specialises in wilderness and adventure photography.

As an avid tree climber and a passionate naturalist, he has spent many years documenting forests, the canopy of trees and the scientists who study them. He has successfully run numerous expeditions, photography workshops and community outreach events.

Catherine Kirby
Project Coordinator

Catherine is the author of Field Guide to New Zealand’s Epiphytes, Vines & Mistletoes and the coordinator of the New Zealand Epiphyte Network.

She has vast experience in New Zealand forests including tree climbing and plenty of epiphyte exploration. Catherine is also an Environmental Educator with a personal mission to re-connect people to the land and forests.

Andrew Harrison
Climber & Technician

Three times New Zealand tree climbing champ, Andrew is a keen adventurer who has climbed significant trees all over New Zealand and the world.

Andrew is a member of the arboriculture academic staff at Wintec and is well renowned for his contributions to international tree climbing and arboriculture industries.

Jen Sanger
Project Coordinator

Jennifer is a passionate plant ecologist who has spent many years studying rainforests and the charismatic plant species which inhabit them.

As an epiphyte ecologist and passionate tree climber, she has spent countless hours exploring the canopies of rainforest trees. Highly organised, she has successfully run many field expeditions in various locations around the world.

A massive thanks to our volunteers

FOR Film, moral and logistical support:

Mitchell 'Squirrel' Botting

Our Go-To video and photo man, Mitchell was on site for the big events and proved indispensable. Very capable of having a laugh while getting the job done.

Fiona 'Scoob' Clarkson

Fiona spent several days on site and provided us with essential logistical and moral support. Her passion for forest conservation is second to none.

Rachel 'Tink' Nepia

The forever-smiling Rachel was essential relief from 'the bush crazies'. She gave us her valuable time and baked some incredibly delicious cakes!

FOR Tree Climbing, technical and Gear Support:

Tim 'Bike Helmet' Sharp

Tim's climbing expertise was essential for setup but the scone critique was a bonus.

James 'Bare Foot' Kilpatrick

James put in many hours during the setup period and was vital for rigging one of the main trees.

Anika 'orchid sniffer' Ha

Anika is a highly skilled climber and her help was crucial during the setup period of the project.

Paul 'The Bach' Kenny

Paul was on site for the pack up and also went the extra mile to help with other project aspects. 

There were many more!